They Brought The Jewelry Box To The Sea-maid

A very clean sapphire crystal and a sapphire can see the obvious flaws have a very huge price difference, because the gems in the formation process are prone to internal impurities and surface defects. Authenticity and high quality not always guaranteed. Authenticity and high quality not always guaranteed. Clean your Pandora Canada Outlet before and […]

Do You Keep It In A Jewelry Box

The jewelry can be elegant, sophisticated, beautiful, bold and unique. Surprisingly, jewelry is not always chosen because of the price. Fashion jewelry can be enjoyed beautiful playful piece as sophisticated, elegant piece of designer jewelry. But choosing the right opportunity for the right piece of jewelry task determines the value and respect for the unique […]

I Taped A Label On The Jewelry Box

Pay special attention jade inlaid good: when buying jade jewelry inlaid often see some of the back cover, because the back cover will darken the color of jade, in addition depends on the color of inlaid gold, gold can make green tones have plus deep, rich and gaudy gold inlaid If color is not enough […]

I’m With A Jewelry Company

In general, silver and other metals density similar to differ more down, silver density is still relatively large. The advance of similar metals, the density of aluminum is very small, the copper density of some, but compared with the money, or not enough. Therefore, silver jewelry can be distinguished according to the initial weight of […]

Jewelry Makes you A Dazzling Beauty

Gold is a precious metal inert, under normal circumstances gold itself does not produce a” rusty” or “color” of the situation, but if everyday wear or for a long time failed to improper maintenance, may lead to gold jewelry because of external attachments subtle surface changes, from a visual perspective, is that we think of […]

He Trades Jewelry At The Moment

Finally, look at the detail of jade, fine craftsmanship, color to black and blue for sapphires in the crowd. Sapphire is very rich of colors, cyan, dark blue, blue green, gray- green, etc., in recent years, also found a new breed of jade, the color is light green, emerald green jade called. Jade bracelet is […]