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The reason why the price difference is large, mainly because the original beeswax only sought after areas in Eastern culture, are widely used in jewelry processing only thing nearly a decade, much less amber industry developed. Relatively small number of beeswax jewelry prices up on high, the long term value of its collection and amber […]

Studying The Jewelry Market In 2014

30 percent of traditional Tibetan silver plus seventy percent copper, but because of the traditional Tibetan silver content is too low, so now on the market simply do not add the silver, but rather entirely cupronickel instead. Tibetan silver is generally matched with a small stone jewelry; more common is the turquoise, coral, red and […]

If People Will Not Buy The Jewelry

Jasper grain size of the difference between the more concentrated at the larger particles is usually colored. In summary, the real love and intend to buy friends, at the time of purchase must first distinguish two kinds of jade characteristics and presents the characteristics of jasper make a reasonable screening. Magnification observation, the second generation […]

The Brilliance Of The Jewelry

Lapis lazuli is an ancient gem, faint color solemn mystery, gorgeous appearance is self-evident, and is currently the world’s best lapis lazuli is mainly produced in Afghanistan, factors that can affect the value of lapis lazuli basis cracks, color, texture, volume (fragmentation) and cut and workmanship and so on. Lapis lazuli presence of cracks will […]