The Wrong Kind Of Jewelry Bbusinessman

These are the internal characteristics of natural amber, but also with artificial amber different places. Plant inclusions preserved in amber umbrella pine, seeds, fruits, leaves, stem, bark, met sequoia. Animal inclusions preserved in amber beetles, flies, dragonflies, wasp, ant, hundreds of species of animals, but are one of the few local findings, and complete individual […]

Managing Director Of Jewelry Retailer

Amber needs stable temperature storage can not be placed in a high temperature environment of amber, the cold and hot environment easy for Amber split. Amber suitable for storage in a confined space, such as a good material closure pocket and black velvet bag, in a confined environment, succinct oxidation reaction is weakened to a […]

I’m The Director Of The Jewelry Corporation

As the world’s largest high-quality Colombian emeralds region has been going on for centuries, produced annually worldwide high-quality emerald production accounted for 80% of Colombian emeralds completely already a byword of quality. And the demand for Colombian emeralds are also increasing every year, people can see the passion for quality emeralds are high. When buying […]

To Grow Jewelry Company’s Earnings

There are a businessman, he was first inherited his father’s jewelry business, but he lacks his father’s jewelry industry, perspicacious, a few years, his father took him to the city’s largest jewelry mall lose it. He thought he was not a lack of ability to do business, the jewelry industry to invest too much, too […]